Eco-Sattva Discussion Group

If you live in Ottawa, have an interest in Buddhist perspectives on the environment, and are seeing to connect with others who share your dedication to dharma and care for the earth, join our Eco-sattva Discussion Group starting in May 2017.   The Eco-sattva Discussion Group will explore the relationship between Buddhist practice and current environmental issues.  Ottawa meetings will be once per month on a Sunday evening.  Eco-sattva members will discuss material and teachings from a variety of internationally acknowledged senior Buddhist teachers in the Eco-sattva course developed by One Earth Sangha. Check out One Earth Sangha here.  To join the Eco-sattva discussion group contact, call 613-656-3331, or check out updates on the Wild Blue Meditation FB Page

Mindfulness in Nature Practice Group

The Mindfulness in Nature group sponsored by Wild Blue is based on the book Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness in Nature as a Path of Self Discovery by Spirit Rock Senior Teacher Mark Coleman.

Mindfulness in Nature practices will be guided by mindfulness teacher Kimberly Sogge, Ph.D. (RYT, MYMT Spirit Rock, Awake in the Wild Facilitator-in-training).

Sessions are “sign-up as you go” so participants may register for one or all sessions.
None of the sessions, except for the three day silent winter retreat in December 15-17, 2017 (location TBA) require any prior meditation experience.  For planning purposes, please register online so we know to expect you. Any profit from the group events is donated to Canadian non-profits protecting the environment.

Sessions will be conducted out of doors so please dress appropriately, with closed-toe shoes, clothing appropriate to the weather, hats etc.  Please bring a water bottle to all sessions, and any meditation props that you find to be helpful (meditation cushion or bench, yoga mat, backjack or lightweight chair for sitting practice if needed). Most sessions will include some gentle movement or walking practice so please offer care for yourself around mobility issues.

Sessions indicated with a ** will have hiking in hills or more rigourous physical activity.

Locations for all sessions will have final confirmation at least 24 hours in advance so please check in here for final confirmation on location, or register online, as email notifications on location changes will only be emailed to registered participants.

We look forward to awakening in the wild together.

Kim and Peter

Wild Blue Meditation

Free Online Meditation in Nature Practices

For practices drawn from my teacher Mark Coleman’s book, Awake in the Wild, see below:

Awake in the Wild: Mindfulness of Breath practice

Awake in the Wild: Meandering in Nature with awareness

Awake in the Wild: Taking a Sensory Break

Awake in the Wild: Reflecting on the Source (indoor practice)

For practices adapted from John Swanson’s Communing With Nature: A Guidebook for Enhancing Your Relationship With the Living Earth, see below:

Communing with Nature: Basic Awareness

Communing with Nature: Zones of Awareness

Communing with Nature: Inside Zone

Communing with Nature: Midzone

Communing with Nature: External Zone

Communing with Nature: Awareness Selectivity

Communing with Nature: Attractions and Repulsions

Communing with Nature: Breakthrough Awareness

Communing with Nature: Awareness Shuttling

Communing with Nature: Doing and Being

Communing with Nature: Chest and Abdominal Breathing

Communing with Nature:  Breathing Observation Activity

Communing with Nature:  Calm Breathing

Communing with Nature: Breathing Meditation in Nature

Communing with Nature: Tension Awareness

Communing with Nature: Relaxation