About Us

Wild Blue Meditation retreats, trainings and resources are offered by Kimberly Sogge, Canadian psychologist and Spirit Rock trained meditation teacher, and other trained meditation teachers and experienced meditation practitioners.  All offerings emphasize connecting people to nature and their own basic goodness.

Kimberly Sogge Ph.D (Texas A&M), M.Ed. (McGill University), RYT 200, MYMT (Spirit Rock), MBSR teacher, MSC trained teacher lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada where she has a private practice as a clinical health psychologist and also regularly teaches meditation courses, day retreats and workshops in the Ottawa community and to Ottawa health care professionals.

In 2004 when Kimberly was in the first ever cohort to train in the cutting-edge Behavioral Medicine track of the doctoral psychology residency at University of Texas at Austin’s Student Health Center, she began teaching Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction with training from Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat Zinn of the Massachusetts School of Medicine’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society.  Since 2004 Kimberly has been teaching MSBR and meditation for health and wellbeing to the community and health care professionals.  Since first being introduced to mindfulness meditation in training with Jon Kabat Zinn, Kimberly has been trained and mentored as a meditation and yoga teacher by many wonderful mindfulness practitioners and teachers from secular traditions including: Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Anne Cushman, Will Kabat Zinn, Phillip Moffitt, Pascale Auclair), the Center for Mindful Self Compassion (founded by Drs Christopher Germer and Kristin Neff, mentored as an MSC teacher by Dr. Christine Braehler) and Awake in the Wild and Spirit Rock senior teacher Mark Coleman (Awake in the Wild teacher training).

Kimberly has always had a love for nature, beginning in her childhood on the Western Canadian prairies, where she spent summers exploring the wild grasslands and rivers with her horses. She has completed many wilderness journeys including: living for a year on a sailboat (East Coast US and Bahamas including two Gulf Stream crossings); time hiking in the Canadian Rockies, Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland, American Adirondack State Park, California’s Sierra Nevadas, South America’s Santa Cruz trek, and the Italian Dolomites; canoeing and kayaking in New York, Maine and the Haida Gwaii in British Columbia, and of course rowing in every free moment on the wild Ottawa/Gatineau Rivers near Ottawa.

Meditation practice teaches us that developing a skillful mind is an important pathway to unwinding the patterns within us that lead to suffering in ourselves and in the world. However the Thai Forest traditions also teach that meditation alone is not enough. In addition to cultivating a gathered, skillful mind, we need to cultivate wisdom and an ethic of life that leads to more freedom and enlightenment not just for ourselves but for all beings.  Time in nature offers conditions in which unconditioned mindfulness, wisdom and ethical ways of living with ourselves and the world naturally emerge.  It is Kimberly’s intention to offer meditations, trainings and retreats that connect people with nature and with their own basic goodness, leading to the natural emergence of concentration, wisdom and ethical living.