Wild Blue Mindfulness offers mindfulness retreats, training, and resources for awakening in the living world.

In the tradition in which contemporary mindfulness finds its roots,  the historical Buddha instructed his first students to settle themselves into practice under a tree.  Nature has an important role to play in supporting and nourishing those determined to free themselves from patterns that create suffering.  Nature in its aliveness, dynamic flow, interconnection, and vastness offers incredibly wholesome conditions in which we can begin to awaken out of the conditioned patterns of our histories, into deeper connection with our own aliveness, flow, interconnection and vastness. From this renewed awareness, and perhaps re-definition of who we are and where we belong in the world, ethical ways of living with ourselves and the world can naturally emerge. Nature teaches the whole curriculum of awakening, if we can only learn to listen.

Founder and guiding teacher of Wild Blue Mindfulness is Kimberly Sogge Ph.D (Texas A&M), M.Ed. (McGill University), RYT 200, MYMT (Spirit Rock). Kimberly is an International Mindfulness Teachers’ Association certified professional mindfulness teacher,  Mindful Self Compassion certified teacher and Registered Clinical Psychologist who lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  She works as a clinical health psychologist in private practice and regularly teaches mindfulness and compassion courses, mindfulness and compassion retreats and mindfulness and compassion workshops.

Kimberly has been teaching mindfulness skills to community, organizations, and health care professionals since 2004.  Kimberly began teaching by being among the first clinicians to offer mindfulness based stress reduction to students through the Student Health Center at the University of Texas in Austin, Texas, with her initial training being from Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat Zinn of the Massachusetts School of Medicine’s Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Healthcare and Society.  Kimberly was in the inaugural doctoral cohort to train in the cutting-edge Behavioral Medicine track of the doctoral psychology residency at University of Texas at Austin’s Student Health Center; her early interest in mindfulness was generously supported by the UT-Austin Doctoral Residency and by the UT-Austin Student Health Center.

Prior to graduate school, Kimberly’s original mindfulness teacher was Nature herself.  Beginning in her childhood, she spent most summers “as close to a feral child as possible”, exploring the wild grasslands and waters of the Saskatchewan prairies with horse companions; she was forever formed by a connection with horses, wildlife, and the lands and vast skies of Western Canada. Nature has taught her through many other wilderness journeys, including living for a year on a sailboat, and frequent journeys backcountry hiking, canoeing and kayaking, running, or rowing at home on the Ottawa River in Canada.

To honour what nature has given to her own mindfulness practice, Kimberly has completed two years of training on guiding others in Mindfulness in Nature practice with Mark Coleman (Spirit Rock senior teacher and Awake in the Wild author) to become an Awake in the Wild facilitator and is currently being trained as a facilitator in eco-philosopher and Buddhist teacher Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects.

May Wild Blue Mindfulness serve your awakening and growth in practice, by freely offering our embodied presence, by sharing our love of the journey of awakening, by drawing on its historical roots in buddhism, by being challenged to apply buddhist principles to contemporary realities, by letting the best in psychological science inform us, and as much as possible by re-connecting all of us to the vast and powerful presence of nature.

This place is alive. Are you?